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Half a house is better then no bed

“[link= ]Irish[/link] premier Bertie Ahern was today facing further questions about cash he received while finance minister in the early 1990s.
Opposition leaders will attempt to establish whether Mr Ahern has tax obligations to address. Mr Ahern last night revealed during an emotional TV interview that he received £39,000 in two unpaid loans in 1993 and 1994.”

“In December 1998 it was revealed that Mandelson had bought a home in Notting Hill in 1996 with the assistance of an interest-free loan of £373,000 from Geoffrey Robinson, … he knew he should have declared the loan as an interest, and he was sacked on 23 December 1998.”

Price of a house in Dublin at the time was about 70,000 pounds. So Mandelson takes a house and resigns Bertie half a one and does not.

Live and let dye

What happens if you walk around transmitting 215 to 220 Mhz?
1. You might get tracked down crocodile hunter style
2. You might explode every bank dye pack you pass

Within the dye package is a small radio receiver that is activated when the pack is removed from the magnetic plate. A small radio transmitter is mounted inside or near the door frame of all entrances of the bank. Once the dye pack passes through the door and receives the specific radio frequency signal, it activates. The dye pack is usually set on a timer of 10 seconds or longer so that the criminal is either in his getaway car or running a good distance from the bank before the package explodes.”

Does anyone know if this is true? Presumably a key is not needed to trigger the explosion. Also do the cash boxes you see guys carrying around have different forms of dye packs?

Baby on board

Thanks for telling me because I was planning on ramming you. I must remember to read the rules of the road section where it describes how to really drive safe in the case of the other car contains an infant. You know the bit that tells you to stop treating the road like a demolition derby and to let the most sober person drive should you realise an infant is on the road. These signs remind us that we should feel no responsibility to other road users , ones who do not drink breast milk, and that is a service to us all.

baby on board

Columbo Drinking Game

Drink when
1. Columbo mentions his wife. Columbo does not in fact have a wife but a harem of nubile wenches eager to debase themselves for his every trenchcoated whim.
2. Columbo turns up completely at random in a stalkery way (two drinks if it is at a sporting event).
3. When there is a close up of the bad guy looking smug (you know the look of “ah this crumpled fool he will never catch me for my fiendishly over complicated murder plot”)
4. When Columbo destroys evidence.
5. When he says “there is just one more thing”

Slouching ball of sexual magnetism

You will take the medicine unless it makes us feel icky

If I have a conduction problem in my heart I can get a pace maker that with shock my heart into beating when necessary. If I have a brain problem (such as depression) I could have a similar device inserted that would relieve me of this depression. That article is worth a read.

“A woman of indeterminate age lies on a narrow cot, a giant bandage covering her skull. At the start of the film she seems locked inside some private vortex of despair. Her face is as blank as her white hospital gown and her voice is a remote, tired monotone.

"Sixty pulses," says a disembodied voice. It belongs to the technician in the next room, who is sending a current to the electrode inside the woman's head. The patient, inside her soundproof cubicle, does not hear him.

Suddenly, she smiles. "Why are you smiling?" asks Dr. Heath, sitting by her bedside.
"I don't know … Are you doing something to me? [Giggles.] I don't usually sit around and laugh at nothing. I must be laughing at something." "One hundred forty," says the offscreen technician.
The patient giggles again, transformed from a stone-faced zombie into a little girl with a secret joke. "What in the hell are you doing?" she asks. "You must be hitting some goody place."

Both the heart and the brain are organs which obey physical laws, they are hunks of meat with electrical and chemical signalling systems working to carry out a task. We do not allow “brain pacemakers” to be used. Our society regards them as ethically dubious probably I believe because of a dualist belief that the brain somehow is the seat of our soul. So a possibly life saving procedure is denied to people on no legal or rational grounds purely because of our social beliefs.

Now take the case of a Jehovah’s witness. Who today was made have a blood transfusion against her beliefs. Here we have someone of different beliefs who is made have a possibly life saving medical procedure.

So to save your life you must have the procedures that we agree with and you cannot have the ones that we do not agree with.

Pfizer are Pimps

Prostitution is illegal in Ireland and in most of the United States. Nevada (and not all of it) have legalised it. Making money organising prostitution is generally called being a pimp and legally is a crime called "living of immoral earnings" or something like that.

Prostitution is having sex with someone for payment. This behavior has been observed in many monkey species particularly the Bonobo chimpanzee.

Being a porn star is having sex with someone for payment. This means it is a form of prostitution. The organisers of the porn industry are thus pimps as they organize people to have sex for money. Yet porn stars are not arrested and the producers (strange term that) of pornographic films have channel 4 reality TV shows and awards dinners for them. Actors in non pornographic films engaging in full frontal sex "12 songs" is one example of such a film. These actors are pornstars with better dialogue.

Recently sex has become subject to investigation with people having sex in MRI scanners and TV documentaries. Also sex has been medicalised. Drugs such as Viagra have been created. These drugs have to be tested. This testing involves seeing if the drug does indeed aid sex to take place. People taking part in scientific trials generally receive a small payment. They are having sex for money. This makes them prostitutes. Pfizer and other drug companies profit as a result of these drugs which could only be brought to market because of these experiments. They are thus pimps.

Prostitution is the most hypocritical topic in our society. Sex is used to sell everything. But you are not allowed to sell sex.
A few objections arise
1. The sex industry is dangerous. Yes it is, follow that logic and ban wooden products and never use anything wooden again.
America's Most Dangerous Jobs
Job Number Of Fatalities Fatality Rate*
Timber Cutters 105 122.1
Fishermen 52 108.3
All Occupations 5,915 4.3

2. Sex industry spreads disease
A McDonalds worker is more likely to kill you then a whore. If you are worried about illness ban smoking, drinking and make people exercise.

3. It is a sin it says so in the bible.
Ah the imaginary friend defense that always beats logic. If you want to think fire is magical and an intelligent designer thought up the scrotum go ahead. But expecting other people to take part in your mass hallucination is just odd. If you reject scientific reasoning go ahead and live without it (this will mean you will catch smallpox and die).

Bizarre Suicide Cult Hates our Freedoms

How crazy would you have to be to commit suicide for a cause? Actually how crazy would a cause have to be? Surely any reasonable cause could never condone such deliberate self harm?

When you hear of the suicide attacks or hunger strikes of Islamo fascist terrorists you can understand simply by these actions how barbaric and dehumanising the ideas they espouse must be?

So would you agree to some sort of rule?
"Any group which engages in suicide attacks or attempts to extort changes in the functioning of our Democracy through self harm (hunger strikes, suicide attacks etc) will not be considered part of the political process"
This is an idea similar to in Popper's in "an open society" and has been used by the Irish and British governments to combat the IRA.

Such explicit censorship may not be necessary, even if you do not have something as explicit as section 31 banning the viewpoint of these sorts of undesirables, more subtle
bias carries out the same job, when was the last time you saw an al Qaeda representative being interviewed on the news?

There is a dangerous movement like this in this very country. Your co-workers, friends even family could be supporters or even activists in this group. This is not the Communists but something much more insidious. A dangerous movement called "the suffragettes" exists. They have taken part in Suicide attacks in hunger strikes and has as their stated aim the perversion of our democratic process. They attack us because they hate us because of our freedoms and they must be stopped.

Greasmonkey Phishing: Security

Greasemonkey is an extension to Firefox that allows you to write code to alter how a web page is viewed. For example it can remove adverts from your favourite webpage or replace rude words on web pages with milder alternatives. To alter pages in this way code that serves as instructions to the browser on how to change the webpage is loaded into Firefox.

Now suppose someone or some program has access to your computer, can Greasemonkey be used for nefarious purposes? Once you can run programs on a machine many malicious opportunities arise, even just by altering text files like autoexec.bat or hosts file.

If your enemy or his program goes to one of these greasemonkey code files he can alter the instructions in the file and you will not be informed. I am not sure this is a bug as the alternative is those constant nag screens that say something like “something somewhere has changed, do you want to panic now?” which everyone ignores after a while.

So how can your enemy by altering a greasemonkey script empty your bank account and go live in the Caribbean? The best way would be to alter the commands you send to your bank account and the responses your bank sends back to you. Because the malicious script is just altering an existing banking session it does not need to know secret passwords and such as you supply them.

I could go into details about how you would code up this behaviour but I think a simple script illustrates better
Say the attacker alters an existing script by adding the lines
// @include

window.location.href = window.location.href.replace(/^, '');

When you try to go to your bank this altered script brings you to a page that looks very similar to your banks one. You give in your registration number and digits 1, 2 and 3 of your 6 digit secret key and answer one of your pets names. A failure message pops up and you are asked to re-enter your details with digits 4, 5 and 6 this time and your date of birth. Different banks have different systems but this would be enough information for many banks for the attacker to have full access to your account.

Irish Skeptics Live

Disease, Decay, discover your destiny
Irish skeptics live are ready and waiting for you to call. Find out your destiny based on statistics and evidence.
Using 700 year old shaving techniques developed by a monk we can predict your future. Be shocked how your actions now can effect you more then planets millions of kilometers away. Be amazed at the secret steps that to a healthy happy life*

Why are psychics more in demand then well the truth? And while I am on the subject what sort of psychics "are ready and waiting" you think one advantage of being psychic is you would not have to wait around for people to ring.
"I am off to put 10 Euro on the winning horse in the 3:30 at Leopardstown. Then Bob will ring just after I get back."

*dramatisation not secret. Treat your body and your mind with respect and try to be happy. “People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be” Abraham Lincoln

Robot Wars

Wired is reporting on the advances in using robots in war situations. This raises moral issues because it becomes much easier to use force if you are unlikely to suffer as a result.

Say the robots works exactly as planned, i.e. does not attempt to find Sarah Conners. Now instead of having to invade a country and risk votes and lives you get to drop "rods of god" from orbit and clean up afterwards with the robots mopper uppers.
Cut to TV newsflash
"Today our great superstate of Freedonia neutralised a threat to this great nation in 5 minutes with no loss of Freedonian lives. The dangerous goat herders of darkydarkistan who the government has secret evidence were involved in one of the following
1. Drugs that we do not get to tax
2. Use of weapons which we sold them
3. Looking at us funny
have been brought freedom. Now back our attempts to sell you stuff between videos of your comedic accidents"

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