Irish Skeptics Live 

Irish Skeptics Live

Disease, Decay, discover your destiny
Irish skeptics live are ready and waiting for you to call. Find out your destiny based on statistics and evidence.
Using 700 year old shaving techniques developed by a monk we can predict your future. Be shocked how your actions now can effect you more then planets millions of kilometers away. Be amazed at the secret steps that to a healthy happy life*

Why are psychics more in demand then well the truth? And while I am on the subject what sort of psychics "are ready and waiting" you think one advantage of being psychic is you would not have to wait around for people to ring.
"I am off to put 10 Euro on the winning horse in the 3:30 at Leopardstown. Then Bob will ring just after I get back."

*dramatisation not secret. Treat your body and your mind with respect and try to be happy. “People are just as happy as they make up their minds to be” Abraham Lincoln

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