Robot Wars 

Robot Wars

Wired is reporting on the advances in using robots in war situations. This raises moral issues because it becomes much easier to use force if you are unlikely to suffer as a result.

Say the robots works exactly as planned, i.e. does not attempt to find Sarah Conners. Now instead of having to invade a country and risk votes and lives you get to drop "rods of god" from orbit and clean up afterwards with the robots mopper uppers.
Cut to TV newsflash
"Today our great superstate of Freedonia neutralised a threat to this great nation in 5 minutes with no loss of Freedonian lives. The dangerous goat herders of darkydarkistan who the government has secret evidence were involved in one of the following
1. Drugs that we do not get to tax
2. Use of weapons which we sold them
3. Looking at us funny
have been brought freedom. Now back our attempts to sell you stuff between videos of your comedic accidents"

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