Bizarre Suicide Cult Hates our Freedoms 

Bizarre Suicide Cult Hates our Freedoms

How crazy would you have to be to commit suicide for a cause? Actually how crazy would a cause have to be? Surely any reasonable cause could never condone such deliberate self harm?

When you hear of the suicide attacks or hunger strikes of Islamo fascist terrorists you can understand simply by these actions how barbaric and dehumanising the ideas they espouse must be?

So would you agree to some sort of rule?
"Any group which engages in suicide attacks or attempts to extort changes in the functioning of our Democracy through self harm (hunger strikes, suicide attacks etc) will not be considered part of the political process"
This is an idea similar to in Popper's in "an open society" and has been used by the Irish and British governments to combat the IRA.

Such explicit censorship may not be necessary, even if you do not have something as explicit as section 31 banning the viewpoint of these sorts of undesirables, more subtle
bias carries out the same job, when was the last time you saw an al Qaeda representative being interviewed on the news?

There is a dangerous movement like this in this very country. Your co-workers, friends even family could be supporters or even activists in this group. This is not the Communists but something much more insidious. A dangerous movement called "the suffragettes" exists. They have taken part in Suicide attacks in hunger strikes and has as their stated aim the perversion of our democratic process. They attack us because they hate us because of our freedoms and they must be stopped.

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Comment Yeah, everbody hates your freedom people are so angry about the idea you are free that 40% of the world population outside the USA need physiatric help to cope this detestation. Frigging Bush brained moron.

Wed Sep 20, 2006 5:12 am MST by Anonymous

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