Live and let dye 

Live and let dye

What happens if you walk around transmitting 215 to 220 Mhz?
1. You might get tracked down crocodile hunter style
2. You might explode every bank dye pack you pass

Within the dye package is a small radio receiver that is activated when the pack is removed from the magnetic plate. A small radio transmitter is mounted inside or near the door frame of all entrances of the bank. Once the dye pack passes through the door and receives the specific radio frequency signal, it activates. The dye pack is usually set on a timer of 10 seconds or longer so that the criminal is either in his getaway car or running a good distance from the bank before the package explodes.

Does anyone know if this is true? Presumably a key is not needed to trigger the explosion. Also do the cash boxes you see guys carrying around have different forms of dye packs?

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