President Predator 

President Predator

Have you noticed that half the cast of predator hold elected office in America? Jesse "the body" runs skullfuck or some such state and the Governator runs California. Could it be that people really think that they need to be protected from cosmic hunting aliens?

What sort of alien is going to go hunting anyway? Hillbilly yokels that is who. Predator probably has a gun rack on his pickup, a pickup which plays General Lee when the horn is blown. It does indicate something odd with the psyche that the ability to handle a gattling gun against intergalactic rednecks is more highly prized then say IQ.

So start the campaign President Predator 08 for 24:7:365 Nascar and the return of the Dukes of Hazzard. Mind you it would be kinda cool to see those three dots appear on the head of whatever Frenchy they have at the UN next time.

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