David Kitt: Not fade away 

David Kitt: Not fade away

I always thought he was one of the fair trade organic coffee enema bunch but he was really good at the electric picnic.
There was a guy with a "Damian Rice is a cunt" t-shirt who could not move for people agreeing with him, which a least indicates a change of mood on the singer songwriter front.
Kitt uses electronics but to add to the song rather then cover it in noodliness

Up to you
A complete a gem of a song, remember this from the electric picnic. It is hypnotic and haunting and has American teen drama soundtrack written all over it. It is late at night and it is raining as you look out a window and you are trying to make a big decision.

Don't fuck with me
Full of funky menace and regret for what your about to do. Another good song, spent the last three days humming this, not sure how long it will last though

One Clear way
Low key which is refreshing after the 100th radiohead emotionally everything goes up to 11 rip off. Feels like you’re driving on a road with one of those fences that can hypnotise you. The tune is driven by the bass which is good.

Grey day
Same road but you are on a bus. Has that rhythmic banjo "wicked and weird" has.

You have taken part in a failed insomnia drug trial that has lead to hallucinations.
Again has that riding on a horse rhythm, laid back and soundtracky.

I know the reason.
Got me hanging on a rope, on a rope, on a rope. Still if you are going to rip off a song at least it is a good one.

Nothing else
Very low key, this one is practically catatonic.

Guilty Prayers, Pointless ends
Nice sweet singer songwritery picking a guitar song. Winsome again, think you need to be in a sitting on a sofa with your duvet mood for these two songs.

Say no more
Probably the only pogoable song on the album sounds great live but does not really fit here.

With you
Back on the horse heading into the sunset. Lyrics sound like some sort of message song sung by Elmo. Not a great end to a good album.

A bit of a low-fi low-key diamond this album. Download a few of his tunes on myspace if you have not heard him before. If you like what you hear the album can be got from his website.

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