Steve Irwin is dead 

Steve Irwin is dead

I am really upset by this. Not because of the ambiguous guilt of encouraging and rewarding dangerous behaviour, not because of the loss of a husband and father of a young family. Because it means one of the three good shows on television is gone. Instead of the human kinetic bouncing ball of enthusiasm, knowledge and just plain fun we are going to have a new reality TV show called “fornication island”. In this a bunch of self obsessed egotistical whiney worthless babies you’ve never seen before rut like caged monkeys passing on some sort of fame spreading STD.

How about this for a show. We get 10 people on the transplant list one needing kidneys and a heart and another lungs etc. We then have a competition to see which one is killed to get organs for the rest of them. I know I am going to get a comment telling me this has already happened.

Steve Irwin was a 100% top fuckin madman and it is a sad day that he is gone. I am off to the pub to get drunk lest I end up watching some television and wishing Armageddon upon mankind.

Somewhere in heaven an angel wakes up confused

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Comment I totally Agree. Irwin was the Original. Steve Corbin and others always tried to duplicate and mimic him. They failed Miserably. And when Steve'o had his baby with him in the Gator Pen, I didnt criticize him, as that is what he does. His kids need to be exposed to it early to fight the natural healthy ingrained fear we all have of Poisonous snakes, man eating Croc's and their ilk. So long and rest in Peace Steve, you will be missed, and you provided Many a' "Crikey" to enmtertain us by, for we were all mystified by your charm and cavalier attitude towards Wildlife. -S.

Wed Sep 6, 2006 6:19 am MST by Scot

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