I really wanted to see this band. Heard some of there songs on their myspace page. Great gig really happy attitude in the crowd. Jape are the best band in Ireland at the moment and probably for a long time.

Their last song "I was a man" had that shiney metallic taste you always get from Joy Division or sometimes from Talking Heads at their best. Prince had it on “Sign of the times” but then bottled it and started singing about being reincarnated as a dolphin. Yes they are that good.

The drummer appears to be a robot. The bass player and keyboard guy have that I work in a record shop muso look. David Kitt was on sampler dressed up like a beastie boy circa 1986 all white socks and shoes leather jacket and clownish hat. I always thought he was one of those “The sea knows my pain” sensitive, wet, gay whales for nuclear disarmament, arms are meant for hugging, carbon neutral, groupies of questionable hygiene singer songwriter types but both this and his other gig on the weekend were really funky and cool. The lead guitarist/singer looks like your slight mate that no one fucks with because they know they would wake up smelling petrol and looking at a match.

There is a cover by the Raconteurs of one of their songs on their website. I imagine being covered by the Raconteurs feels like being a rapper and getting name checked by God.

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