Warlords of Pez Electric Picnic 

Warlords of Pez Electric Picnic

Best wedding band ever
These were not the best act at the electric picnic, saying that would be like giving the gold 100 metres medal to the guy who is not only on drugs but roller-skates and has rockets strapped to his back. Any act trying to compete with this crowd are going to go down in flames.

If you are in a major car crash and this band has a gig, awaken from your coma, pull your breathing tube out and crawl on whatever stumps of limbs you have remaining to see them.


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Comment They're simply the pez!!!!!! Best band in the world. The Electric Picnic gig was the most insane thing I'd ever been to. Nothing on this earth prepares you for the all out insanity of the experience that is the Warlords live. Genius.

Tue Sep 5, 2006 2:05 pm MST by Bionic_Laura

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