Kablooey Email Does Not Work 

Kablooey Email Does Not Work

When digital media is shown to a user at some point it becomes analogue. This means for example that drm protected music will be converted to sound waves that can then be recorded. Because of this digital copy protection technologies can never work.
One such technology is Kablooey mail. This is an email protection service designed to prevent an email being copied. You send an email and the recipient is directed to a web page. If they press any keys that could be used to copy the email it is deleted. The email self destructs after being viewed for a set length of time.
The analogue portion here is the light leaving the screen. A photograph taken of the email copies its contents.
It is also possible to copy images on your computer without pressing any keys. For example parental monitoring tools capture screenshots or screenvideos without constant user interaction..
The following image shows a VMware capture of a kablooey session.

Image of uncopyable email

The creators of this email claim that an image is too easily modified to serve of proof of an emails contents. While all digital content is alterable in this way the widespread use of photoshop makes it obvious how digital images can be modified. However the contents of a video as can be obtained from vmware or parental control software are less easily modified and so would have similar reliability as email.

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Comment None of these systems can provide security, all they can do is provide annoyance to the average user. As you say, the only way to make something uncopiable is to make it utterly inaccessible; if the music can be heard or the content can be seen or accessed in any way, then it can be extracted and copied. Worse, the nefarious 'pirates' that they're trying to stop will work out how to do it and invest the time to set their rig up to do that with a minimum of pain and fuss, so the only people who actually suffer annoyance and delay are the innocent users who just want to have permission to access their own things, goddamn it. Once anything dicks me around like that even once, it's ejected/uninstalled never to return.

Fri Sep 8, 2006 7:19 am MST by Luke

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