Morrissey Gig Marley Park Aug 22nd 

Morrissey Gig Marley Park Aug 22nd


An hour and a half of theatrical, shirt tearing, mic whipping genius.
The new songs sounded really good, kinda claustrophobic and funky like the band were "rocking in" if that makes sense. Life is a pigsty in particular was great, especially considering one of the instruments had to be poured mid song.

He stopped a song to tell the security guards rugby who tackled one of those guys who tries to hug him to “steady on”. He seemed genuinely concerned which is surprising and nice given his usual curmudgeonly image. It was also surprising given the little known fact that all the people dragged off by security men are put in big punch bags which Morrissey practices his Mai Thai roundhouse kicks on after the show.

All the restaurants served only vegetarian food at the gig. I was wondering initially "can he do that?" then remembered that he is Morrissey and he can do whatever the hell he wants.
One of the restaurateurs told me that the reason there was no meat was not Morrissey's vegetarianism, he had eaten every meat pie in the place by lunchtime but that he had gathered together all the kebab mince to make an anatomically correct meat wife whose moist flesh he would befoul after the show.

That reminds me that I forgot to bring a giant poster of Morrissey with a meat pie with the caption "meat is magic". How cool would it be to get Morrissey to beat you up? Seeing as can no longer lose a fight to Gandhi, Morrissey has to be the best person to get beaten up by left.

Anyway much better concert then I had expected. These things can easily turn into everyone goes to the pub for the new stuff where the oldie sings about his love of jogging but actually the new stuff sounded the best.

Dandy Warhol’s
All the band up front grinning away and throwing shapes. Gig was way too short which is always a sign it was good. Still I missed loads of their great songs, genius, last junkie on earth the first one on come down etc. I have not heard there latest album but they still have to be winners of “best band to go on the piss with” award.

Magic numbers
Not nearly as ugly as I had heard, completely normal looking bunch, ok maybe look a bit more like cult members then the average due to the beatific smiles.
Bass player is really good, simple solid happy countryish playing. Other girl has a great voice; you do not notice it as much on record maybe you just assume that all these are faked.
You know the way roadies look like really rough let themselves go versions of the band? I was assuming some spheres would be rolling round the stage occasionally gaffer taping stuff but alas no. Oh and the new single sounds really bouncy and good.

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