Snakes on a plane 

Snakes on a plane

What a genius idea. You would not even have to pitch it to the big movie guy, Throw a suitcase through his window with a folded piece of paper in it. He reads the paper “Snakes on a plane” He fills the suitcase full of money to make the film and throws it out the window again.

I think I could start making creature feature disaster movies. You do not even need a script the title tells you everything about the film “Gorillas in the graveyard.” “Spider in side her” “piranha pool” “shark infested custard”.

“Gorillas in the graveyard” will star one of the tg4 weather bitches; you know the scaldy one who looks like she’d let you stick it anywhere. She plays the lab coated bespeckled totty with the hair in a bob. She lets her hair down when the characters hide out in an abandoned house.

Actually I’m getting a bit over excited I think I’ll just go lie down.

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