Happy Forecast 

Happy Forecast

How come we still watch weather forecast all the time? It quite important if you are a farmer but most of us are not anymore. Even the pollen or pollution counts only apply to a minority of us. Why do we not have forecasts for useful things, things that effect modern life?
Why not a happiness forecast. You could tell if people were going to be grumpy today, weather cutting people off and undertaking are more likely to get you beaten to death. Picture the forecaster "Storm fronts could reach suburban psyches by sundown. All major idports have been closed". You might say "But you cannot forecast mass human behaviour like that". I would retort
1. Insurance companies do
2. You cannot forecast behaviour of individual air molecules but overall weather forecasters do a good job.

This lead to a problem. Pressure, temperature, moisture level all these are epi phenomenon of large amounts of particles. Talking about one particles pressure does not make much sense. Maybe happiness is a phenomenon of individual people and for large groups we need a new language of characteristics.
So what would you want to see forecast after the news?

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