The reptile village 

The reptile village

Gowran Co. Killkenny. Figured this would probably be a guy with an alligator in his bathtub, or at least it was there until it ran off, probably with the neighbourís dog. They are now having adventures on a raft Huckleberry Fin style. And no I donít know why an alligator would need a raft.

The Reptile Village was much better then I expected. When we walked in we were handed a boa constrictor. This was worth the price of admission alone. Next thing they handed us a legless lizard, which looked like a snake to me but wasnít. Convergent evolution if ever you saw it. While Iím on the subject of evolution how do Intelligent Designers explain geckos feet. There was loads of geckos at the village, hanging upside down chilling out, you know. Anyway if God made there feet to grip on to walls like that how come our scrotums which look pretty much the same have no gripage powers. You would think she would have reused the same sort of kit after making it once. Have you ever tried to grip onto something with your scrotum? After walloping my knackers three times off the wall I kinda lost consciousness but seeing as I woke up on the floor Iím pretty sure no climbing ability accrues to you scrotum. While I am on a scrotal diversion, how bad has this world cup been for testicles? Between Rooney stamping and grinding on them and an Argie sub kicking a German in the nuts from behind, how low is kicking someone in the nuts from behind?

Anyway there followed spitting cobras, cameleons eating, loads of dragons, alligators, rattle snakes and lizards of all sorts. Really active as well not just lying around looking cold as you get at some zoos. Another thing is I tend not to like zoos because mammals in general seem to just look bored not having antelope to chase and trees to climb etc, the reptiles however did not look unhappy. Hard to tell what an unhappy iguana would look like but Iíd like to think you could tell.

Next was feeding time. Feeding a rattlesnake, and a spitting cobra has to about has hardcore as you can get. The staff obviously loved there job and talking about the reptiles. Itís really rare to get non surly people in a place so its top notch to see. Just in case watching rattlesnakes and cobras eating was not interactive enough a bearded iguana like creature was happy to sit on your shoulder and the hissing cockroaches hissed when touched.

The reptile Village is a top notch place. If you are in Kilkenny for the weekend, even if your on the way from Cork to Dublin it really is worth calling in, I donít know if its ideal stag weekend fair but handling snakes and seeing rattlesnakes eating has to be better then pitch and put for an afternoon.

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Comment "how low is kicking someone in the nuts from behind?" It's interesting to note how often "low" and "highly effective" can be equated in terms of strategy.

Tue Jul 11, 2006 8:18 am MST by Luke

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