How would Jesus be murdered? 

How would Jesus be murdered?

How old school is wearing a cross round your neck? Could we not update the symbol to more reflect the life
of a semetic politician today rather then 2000 years ago? There unlikely to crucify him if he comes back today maybe we would have to wear a model explosive belt. How about a car being hit by missiles? Or someone out in a cafe getting ripped apart by shrapnel? Being crushed by a tank? being shot has been a consistent favorite maybe we can get gun necklaces.
Technology has moved on the "what would Jesus do?" slogan should be replaced with "how would jesus be murdered?"

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Comment If it was within my power to get this linked up/publicised somewhere online, I would do it in an instant. The resulting fallout from this discussion would be a brilliance of carnage.

Tue Jul 11, 2006 8:20 am MST by Luke

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