Pimp My Bitch 

Pimp My Bitch

My latest social network web 2.0 idea is a sure fire zeitgeist surfing IPO gauranteed* cert. PetPimp™ a social network of prostitute pets that you can hire. No hear me out on this one. We tag the animals by species, location, interests...we’ll I assume all dogs are pretty much into the same sorts of things, but you get the idea. We then link you up with other pets.

Poor old Spot is heading towards the end how about you let him have some fun before he goes? Would you be willing to let us introduce him to some like minded bitch? You could send off your treasured companion in style. See this is starting to sound classy already.

How immoral can it be to pimp out your pet to make a few extra quid on the side?
The bloodstock industry is worth billions, how is horses shagging a hot water bottle any different from our company. Ok Spot is hardly a thorough bred racehorse but does that mean he cannot get some little love in his life? Yes the pet sex isn’t intended to be procreative but who are you the Pope?
Ok you are not willing to go as far as getting a prostitute for your pet, how about some normal legal porn then? They do it for Pandas, why not get a mucky movie?
Ever year there is a spate of stories about the latest dog yoga or whatever pet related craze sweeping California, does PetPimp™ sound any less believable then dog psychotherapists?

*not a guarantee

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