Web 2.0 Laundry 

Web 2.0 Laundry

Can we use the bleeding edge blue sky outside the box bullshit of Hype 2.0 in a real business? This is the Web 2.0 Laundry.
First thing is we do not charge for you to wash your clothes, that’s so last century. Instead when we wash your clothes we cover them in advertising. You get the free service you get the ads, bingo we have a business model.
Next we allow “donations” instead of expecting to get paid. This is the laundry’s almost traditional route of talking any money left in pants pockets. This donation is anonymous even to yourself so we advertise ourselves as cryptographically secure.
So far so good, but were lacking any “social network” buzzword bonus. Easy we give you someone else’s clothes. If you like these clothes the other persons karma is upped. In this way groups of people with similar interests cake, coke, and programming will form a unit and others with other similar interests bulimia, clenbuterol, and death will form another group.
Now we need to do something that works perfectly well at home and move it over to an unnatural habitat. Now clothes washing already qualifies for that but to make it really nonsensical like a chocolate kettle or an online isolation tank( actually forget I told you that I could get funding for that last one) we need to send the clothes on a really narrow network, pigeons trained to carry clothes is a good first start. Particularly as the pigeons shitting everywhere can only increase our profits.

So we guarantee to AJAX all your clothes send them off to random people who will using the hive mind form a social network , as soon as this reaches the tipping point our advertising revenue will 100% guarantee* that Google will wet themselves, then require our cleaning service and we will clean up.

*not a guarantee

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