Original Line Up 

Original Line Up

Currently the worst name for a band I have ever heard. Things did not bode well when the bass player started warming up wankily on a six string bass. Lead guitarist is a great mixture of pink Floyd and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Rhythm guitarist gets all Frusciante on a great song called summer rain. This is another good thing.
Had a great song called Bully that makes you feel like youíre in the woods with a bread knife and a mission. This is a good thing if you are me but not if you are in the woods.
At this point they start swapping instruments with heroic abandon. They followed with some bouncy poppy numbers. Not bad songs but at this point it is like watching a chameleon, the changing becomes the draw rather then how it looks. The trick of changing styles takes away from the quality of the songs themselves. Also the sound poxed up, rhythm guitar seemed to be hiding in the wrong corner and unwilling to come out.
The band of obviously talented song writers and musicians never quite seemed to jell. They seem so busy showing you where they can go that they donít really care if they take you along.

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