I am an adult get me out of here 

I am an adult get me out of here

This program shows that people living at home with their parents are mindless blood sucking parasites on their parents and living with them is tantamount to an invasive cavity search with a chainsaw.

This program has the slick self assured air you always get when someone is selling you something. Oh the presenter owns a mortgage company? Strangely he will make money by convincing people the lifestyle he is suggesting is the only correct one for humans. What is on next week? How to eat you young from the makers of a maternity ward? I’m a celebrity “I am going to sell you things you do not need, now move onto the cattle truck you sedated herd animal”
Most people in all of human history has always lived with there parents. From the Eskimos that did not have two seal skins to rub together to the masi tribesmen who didn’t have two goat skins to rub together large extended family and tribal groups is what people are designed to live in.

Vonnegut put it this way “Now those of you who get married or are married, when you fight with your spouse, what each of you will be saying to the other one actually is, ''You’re not enough people. You're only one person. I should have hundreds of people around.''”

Why is this walking advertisement for social alienation on television? I live a hermit like existence in a well fortified cave and sit each evening in my rocking chair shooting at shadows. That is the life I choose, I do not go on television making people feel bad that they are not crazed solitary troglodytes who consume heroic doses of booze.
This is another example of people selling you stuff you do not need. Like that advertisement for the cream to avoid shiny face when you open a fridge. The one where the euro trash girly man now has the confidence to open a fridge with out having to worry about being carted off to a newly reopened leper colony that holds the masses of those afflicted with shiny face. That ad is usually shown before the lets hunt and kill anyone with any body hair ad.

Can we not rename it "You are a gobshite get the hell away from me".

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